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DocPad is an Electronic Medical Records System that has been designed from the ground-up with the help of Doctors with ease of use in mind.


DocPad has been designed to be intuitive. DocPad does not require a long training course to be used productively.

Charts and more charts

All the ease of use and intuitiveness of a system is useless if you can do very little with it. DocPad is a complete EMR system which will minimize the use of paper and keep your patient information at your finger-tips.


A powerful, easy to use system will help you save time and work effectively, only if it can be used the way you work. DocPad can be customized to mimic your paper chart and your way of doing things.


DocPad works on a Tablet PC which you can carry with you from your desk right to the Patient. With a broadband connection you can even use it in multiple offices. With offline support you can take your patient records with you to the hospital.

“I had been looking for an EMR ... DocPad was the one I liked the best, because of the ease of use and customizable features. This was the most inexpensive EMR that had all the features packed into it, that I require”

- Dr. Nasir Haque, Former Chief of Staff, Methodist Hospital South, Memphis, TN

"I'm done with charting before the patient leaves the room. DocPad instantly generates reports, billing information and prescriptions which saves me time and money."

- Dr. Safuil Hasan, Bloomfield Hills, MI

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